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Business Class Concepts: View Response #324

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Indicate your satisfaction with our Business Class seat on the wide-body fleet of A340s and A330s.

  Extremely Dissatisfied Average Extremely Satisfied 
Satisfaction with the features and attributes of our current Business Class seat. 

Additional comments about the seat features and attributes (likes and dislikes).

SPSS Statistics Definition
SPSS  Statistics is a format that IBM offers for complete analysis. It is the acronym for Statistics Product and Service Solution. The IBM SPSS Statistics is a family of advanced computer programs of statistic analysis.

It is a wide and flexible software that is responsible for analyzing all the data. Data which is provided during the performance of various statistical calculations. SPSS  Statistics also offers all the tools and tests necessary to make any prediction.

Since it performs both simple and complex statistical analyses. Analyses that allow discovering relationships between variables (dependence and interdependence) as well as classifying subjects and other factors.

Please indicate the factors that influence your decision to fly with SAA in Business Class.

SAA Brand

As a regular traveller, please tell us which airline has the best Business Class seat in your opinion and why?


Please list the TOP 10 features and attributes of a Business Class seat that are critical for your comfort and well-being when travelling on long haul sectors.

Cabin layout (forward facing, herring bone etc.)

How often do you fly on long haul sectors in Business Class?


Indicate your your gender.


Indicate your age category.


Indicate your figure type.


Indicate your height.


Additional comments for enhancements.

Local Are Network (LAN) Definition
LAN is a abbreviation for Local Area Network. A computer network is one that is made up of computers (computers), peripherals and other devices that are mutually connected so that they can share their resources. Depending on the mode of interconnection, the relationship between the elements and other issues, computer networks can be classified in different ways.

Among the computer networks is the so-called LAN network, an acronym that refers to the Local Area Network. These networks link computers that are in a small physical space, such as an office or a building. The interconnection is done through a cable or waves.

Computers that are connected to a LAN network are known as nodes: each node, therefore, is a computer. Thanks to the network, users of these computers can share documents and even make frequent use of certain peripherals, such as a printer.

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