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Business Class Concepts: View Response #358

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Indicate your satisfaction with our Business Class seat on the wide-body fleet of A340s and A330s.

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Satisfaction with the features and attributes of our current Business Class seat. 

Additional comments about the seat features and attributes (likes and dislikes).

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Please indicate the factors that influence your decision to fly with SAA in Business Class.

Flight Schedule

As a regular traveller, please tell us which airline has the best Business Class seat in your opinion and why?

You might need $2000 to pay off credit card dues, another $5000 to pay off auto loan and many needs like cash for paying college fees, grocery store bills and holiday trip etc.

Please list the TOP 10 features and attributes of a Business Class seat that are critical for your comfort and well-being when travelling on long haul sectors.

Buddy dining space

How often do you fly on long haul sectors in Business Class?

6 Monthly

Indicate your your gender.


Indicate your age category.

50-60 yrs

Indicate your figure type.


Indicate your height.


Additional comments for enhancements.

In many circumstances, a house owner can get out from under their mortgage loan, lessen the damage to their credit score and wander away with no deficiency balance.

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