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CSS - SAA Employees Survey: View Response #12

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Your Occupation


Date of Travel


Flight #


Class of Travel and Seat #

economy - 69K

Duty Travel Booking Process

  Poor Average Good
How satisfied were you with the Approval process? 
How satisfied were you with the travel confirmation process? 
How efficient were the Travel Office personnel? 

Please provide us with reasons for your selected response.

getting duty travel approved and getting e-ticket is never a seemless processs.  Our co-ordinator continuously has to call and follow up where the hold up is for the approval on SAP.  this results in late confirmation of duty travel e-ticket and hotels etc.  sometimes the hold up is at the travel office where one has to continuously follow up for confirmations

How would you rate your experience at Check-in at the Airport

  Poor Average Good
How would you rate the Check-in service? 
Waiting time at Check-in: 
Grooming standards of Check-in personnel: 
Friendliness and Professionalism at Check-in: 
Staff Efficiency during Check-in: 

Do you have more feedback for the Check-In Team?

today was a good day as i had been put on standby earlier and got to the counter once flight was closed - this was in CPT

How would you rate the Boarding and Departure service?

  Poor Average Good
Boarding information (signage) 
Boarding announcements 
Grooming standards of the gate personnel 
Friendliness and Professionalism 
Boarding efficiency 
Priority Boarding 
Your overall Boarding and Departure experience 

Was your departure on time?


If delayed, were you kept informed?


Please provide additional comments, if any:

flight was delayed due to late arrival of aircraft, didnt hear any announcement been made in this regards

Inflight Service: Cabin Crew

  Poor Average Good 
Friendliness of our Cabin Crew 
Grooming standards of Cabin Crew 
Communication Skills 
The night service provided by the Crew (where applicable) 
The cleanliness of the toilets and cabin 
The overall service quality standards of our Cabin Crew 

Additional Comments:

when we boarded staff were in galley chatting aft of aircraft - 2 guys.  on decent there was a group of chinese travellers who continued to use their tablets (3 of them) until we parked at OR Tambo.  the crew did not come back to ask them to switch off and they did not switch off as they obviously did not understand the announcement - i did bring this to the purser attention on disembarking

Inflight Service: Food and Beverage

  Poor Average Good
The Beverage Selection 
The menu options and availability 
The presentation of the meals 
The overall food and beverage service system 

Any advice or recommendation for improvement?

i do not enjoy the sandwich option but that is my personal preference

Arrival & Baggage Services

  Poor Average Good  
Staff presence at the exit doors 
Staff assistance 
Baggage delivery times 

Is there anything else you would like to share with us concerning your travel experience?

was good

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey.

South African Airways Service Research Team


Created at 11/20/2015 6:42 PM by Enid Sinequan
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